About Us

We have created the Evexia Foundation because we wanted to be able to contribute to helping people enjoy better health, particularly in our local community. Having retired from full-time employment and relocated from Yorkshire to Norfolk, we had a unique opportunity to start out on a new venture.

Through both personal experience and our professional lives, we knew that good physical and mental health are closely interlinked, and we realised we could achieve our aim by providing activities that have proven health benefits, and by raising people’s awareness of steps they could take to manage their own health.

Dr Ian Kenvyn was an academic in his former life; his field of expertise was Sport, Health and Nutrition, and he had a particular interest in wellbeing. He trained with Mental Health First Aid England, and is an experienced Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) instructor working in higher education, commercial financial services and the voluntary and community sector. Ian is also an Exercise Referral Consultant, with a specialism in exercise to support those with physical and mental health issues. He has also developed and delivered a variety of workshops and short courses that engaged with wellbeing in the workplace and individual and organisational resilience. Outside of work, Ian was a keen triathlete for many years (until his knees said enough was enough!) and now focuses on cycling. He also has a great love of mountains both for summer cycling and winter skiing. Alongside these activities, Ian has been a student of Tai Chi and the Taoist arts for some 25 years.  He regularly attends workshops in London with his teacher Dr Alex Boyd; these workshops share best practice within the Chinese Cultural Arts and serve as ongoing CPD for Ian, helping him developing his own practice and making his own classes relevant and positive for students.

Having been a passionate student of Pilates for many years (managing a recurrent back issue), Clare Kenvyn has retrained to be a teacher of Modern Pilates. Previously Clare worked in research and management consultancy to inform the development of public policy, followed by a stint at the University of Leeds where she managed the creation of a pan-northern research partnership between universities and police forces.  She continues her consultancy work on a self-employed basis, largely supporting the development of charities and other social businesses. Since qualifying as a Pilates teacher, Clare has continued to develop her knowledge, including taking courses in Pilates for spinal issues, for pelvic health and for hip and knee issues. She is also a student of Tai Chi and attends the workshops in London with Ian. Clare is typically on the move; she loves exploring the Norfolk countryside with her dog, by bike, or on a run and she shares Ian’s enjoyment of the mountains.