The Evexia Foundation

Our aim is to help you improve your health. We believe that to enjoy good health we need to look after both our mental and physical health. This is reflected in the range of activities that we deliver.

The Evexia Foundation was established in order to promote good health and wellbeing. Its activities enable individuals to take greater personal responsibility for their own well-being, and to support members of their family and their friends, colleagues and people in their local communities to improve their health.

Established as a charity* in 2018, the Evexia Foundation has two goals:

* To educate people in how to improve their own and other people’s mental health and personal resilience through Mental Health First Aid.

* To promote health through offering activities with proven physical and mental health benefits: Pilates and Tai Chi.

  • The Evexia Foundation is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) regulated in England and Wales by the UK Charity Commission (Registered Charity No. 1176962).